Dark Sun - Fate of the World

A Dray in Gulg

The hot morning sun bears down on the leafy canopy covering Gulg’s commoners district. The shade is a welcome change from the blinding brightness of Tyr, but the humidity in the air turns breathing into a workout. Citizens bustle through the maze of pathways connecting the forest structures going about their business as Rohan turns to his companions;

“I’ll meet up with you later. I have something I need to take care of” his deep voice booms.

Daine snaps his head around to ask what is going on, but before he can form the words Rohan is away heading off on his own. “How will you know how to find us? You’ll lose your share if you’re not back by sunup tomorrow!” But his words are drowned out by the noises of the jungle.

Making his way through the city is difficult for the large dray. Passersby turn and stare as he awkwardly twists and turns to avoid knocking down the citizens surrounding him or tripping on the roots grasping at his clawed feet. Despite his difficulty, he quickly makes his way through the city as if he had come this way many times before. Suddenly, he stops and a toothy grin comes to his mouth.

“Sorry, friend. It has been too long.”



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