Dark Sun - Fate of the World

Rohan's Problem

Italicized text represents mental dialogue.

Scene: The standoff between the undead guardians of the tree and Daine’s travelling menagerie (feat. Rohan)

“We should help the thri-kreen move the seed; It’s not safe here anymore. The agents of the sorcerer king surely know about this place by now and it’s important that he doesn’t get his hands on the seed.”

Jelenneth’s words were still ringing in Rohan’s ears. What the hell is she talking about? That’s not why we’re here. Her words were straightforward enough but they simply didn’t make any sense. Jelenneth had promised to help Rohan find something to trade for the high consort’s book. That’s why they were out here in the first place! And now that they’d found something she was going to give it away? Surely she was playing a game of some sort.

Something else was wrong about this place. He couldn’t put his finger on it but it made him feel… dizzy. Like all the blood was draining from his head. That, coupled with the throbbing in his chest made it difficult for Rohan to hide his symptoms. A rogue grimace crossed his lips. _That’s the third time today. _ Perhaps he would have to resign from the fight to keep his weakness secret.

The debate about what to do with the seed continued to rage around Rohan and in his distraction he had missed some of it. He desperately glanced around to see what was happening, and things did not sound good. The thri-kreen, Shamash, and K’tik-tik were all convinced that the seed should be moved and then (gulp) buried. But worse of all was Jelenneth. Apparently, she was honest in her desire to toss away the seed.

“The thri-kreen want to use the seed to bring back some life to this world. What could be more important than that?”

“What could be more important than that?!” Rohan roared, stars swimming in his eyes. “How about my life? Or, more importantly, my entire race! You are sentencing me to death so you can go plant a tree?”

The dragon man’s sudden outburst surprised Jelenneth, but she recovered quickly. “Look, I don’t mean to say that finding a cure for you isn’t important. Maybe we can look into…”

“ENOUGH! You promised to help me search for something we could trade for the book. And now that we actually found something you’re all too eager to use it in some way that you think is ‘more important’. You know what that makes you? An oathbreaker.”

The floor was rolling under his feet and Rohan was struggling to stay standing. “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my time. I’ve raided caravans, I’ve traded slaves, and I’ve hurt good people. But one thing I’ve always done is honor my word. That’s what separates civilization from anarchy, order from chaos. And if…. If…”

At precisely that moment, several things happen. Theren’s arm flashes out and the seed of life hurtles through the air into it, the guardians of the tree of life spring into action to safeguard their charge, and Rohan’s eyes roll back into his head and he collapses.



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