Dark Sun - Fate of the World

Zebulon's Farewell to Alatruk

Zebulon's note to Rotan

Master Rotan -

The aid you have provided during my recent convalescence has been greatly appreciated. I am in your debt, and will do what I can to repay your hospitality.

However, I cannot accommodate your desire to have my mind flayed by your personal psion. He would undoubtedly reduce me to madness without learning anything of your lost goods. I have a perfect recollection of the events surrounding the attack on the caravan, but the sandstorm shrouded the particulars of the ambush quite effectively.

In lieu of this pointless destruction, I have decided to depart Altarak. I will discover what I can of your lost goods or, should they prove truly lost, pursue other means to compensate you and your House.

Respectfully yours,

- Zebulon



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