Dark Sun - Fate of the World

Jelenneth's Reaction

Scene: The aftermath of the standoff between the undead guardians of the tree and Daine’s travelling menagerie (feat. Jelleneth)

Jellenth finishes the upstroke of her last movement, and turns to see all the undead fiends have been destroyed. Her attention then quickly turns to Rohan, who is physically recovered from his earlier spell. Whether his sense has returned is another matter.

“Rohan!” Jelleneth shouts over the voices of the others left in the cavern, for now that the immediate danger is past, the group is now splintering into several factions. They all quiet, however, as they realize the potential for serious violence has not passed. Jelleneth and Rohan lock eyes as Jelleneth begins to speak.

“Of course I promised to help you and your people, and of course I will. But I don’t recall the plan ever involving trading for the book. I thought the ‘plan’ was to trade some antiquity of value in order to gain access to her house, so that we could steal or borrow the book for a bit. That aside, we cannot trade the book for the seed. First of all, she won’t trade the book. It’s a magic book. The sorcerer kings and their minions guard such information jealously. She would not trade it. Second, even if she was willing to agree to a trade, we would be double-crossed in a heartbeat! We have neither the resources or the power to actually protect the seed. If she sends troops or even bounty-hunters after us, we will be swarmed under without ever coming near the book. The seed is far, far, far too great a prize to try and trade. All the sorcerer kings and queens in all of the world would stop at nothing to possess something like this seed. There is a very real possibility they might all come after us if they know we have such an item in our possession. Third, even if she did agree to a trade, and even if she actually played fair with us, I would not and could not put one of the last remaining sources of pure lifeforce in this world in the hands of a sorcerer king. I don’t have many lines that I won’t cross, but that is one. So if that is the line in the sand where we must come to blows, so be it.” Jelleneth’s voice becomes deadly quiet as she levels her swords at Rohan.

“Finally, I realize you are in pain, and terrified for yourself and your race, but you call me an oathbreaker again, and you won’t have to wait for the curse to kill you.”



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